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Who We Are

Who we are?
Necmettin Erbakan University was founded in 2010. As part of its inauguration, it incorporated some of the oldest higher education establishments in the city of Konya, including Ahmet Keleşoğlu Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Theology, and Meram Faculty of Medicine. Currently, NEU comprises twenty faculties, eight vocational schools, twenty-seven research centers, four institutes, one conservatory, and one college. The university hospital, with more than one thousand beds, treats more than one million patients and performs more thansixty  thousand surgeries a year. In addition, we are very proud of our university press and library services whose resources, including access to more than thirty databases, have been recognized both nationally and internationally. Moreover, in order to ensure the highest standards of Professional conduct, NEU houses a range of monitoring and coordination offices. The continuous growth of NEU has also been supported and facilitated by the city of Konya, a place where history and modern life interact with each other, creating a harmonious environment. Our own logo is designed with the idea to reflect interconnection and to promote universal values such as peace, social progress, and dignity and human equality. Moreover, our connection with the city, and the external world more broadly, has already paved the way to some real synergies between academia and industry. NEU’s cooperation with the InnoPark Konya Technology Development Zone has provided us with an opportunity to propose and successfully implement numerous projects focusing on both services and manufacturing, with a particular emphasis on new designs At Necmettin Erbakan University, we recognize the undeniable influence of technology on knowledge accumulation and therefore seek to position ourselves as a leading Turkish university in terms of international partnerships. Our world-class campuses and research facilities make NEU an attractive place for foreign students and scholars, and a sound partner for international  collaborative undertakings Mindful of the infrastructure required to pursue successful global engagement, NEU launched its Office of International Affairs in 2019. It was created to support and bring closer the previously established Erasmus+ unit, the Turkish government-funded Farabi and Mevlana units, as well as the International Students and Turkish Students Abroad units. Jointly, they contribute to the furthering of partnerships and collaborative arrangements. More recently, and in order to accelerate its commitment to internationalization, NEU has opened a Center for Global and Area Studies. The center has already hosted numerous workshops and round-table discussions with renowned experts, together generating major interest among students, academics, and policymakers. In addition, the center has offered a number of fellowships, traineeships, and other visiting opportunities to international students and academics All of the above-listed achievements have contributed to our overall reputation, resulting in NEU being frequently ranked as a top post-2000 university. Going forward, we will continue to invest in facilities and excellence in research and education. We are determined to provide an inclusive and interactive working environment, in which creativity leads to innovation and an even greater collaboration with other universities, government, and the private sector.