Faculty of Nursing


The Department of Nursing was first established within the Faculty of Health Sciences on 14.12.2012. Then, it continues its educational activity as the Faculty of Nursing by the decision of the Council of Ministers on 14.05.2018 and its publication in the official newspaper on 06.07.2018, numbered 2018/1001.
Section: It consists of nine departments: Internal Medicine Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Child Health and Diseases Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Fundamentals of Nursing, Nursing Education, Nursing Management, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing.
The aims of the Department of Nursing; We aim to contribute to the knowledge of nursing, improve public health, find solutions for health problems, cooperate with stakeholders, lead the transfer of scientific and technological developments to professional practices, and train competent nurses.
The objectives of the Department of Nursing; Our objectives are to train nurses who can:
  • Determine the health education needs of the individual, family, and society and provide appropriate education,
  • Have universal values, and be aware of social, scientific, professional, and ethical values, patient rights, and legal responsibilities,
  • Apply nursing science at the highest level in protecting, developing, and promoting the health of the individual/family/community,
  • Determine, plan, implement, and evaluate the nursing care needs of individuals in cases of deteriorating health,
  • Carry out nursing practices based on research and evidence,
  • Do effective communication and cooperation,
  • Use the scientific method and critical thinking,
  • Continue personal and professional development,
  • Play an active role in decision-making mechanisms for the development of the profession,
  • Possess leadership qualities
  • Take part in national and international professional platforms.
The working area of ​​students who will graduate from the Department of Nursing;
Organizations of the Ministry of Health; Students who graduate from the nursing department can take part in all sectors and fields that provide health services to the community. Also, they can have different roles such as a Nurse, Expert Nurse, or Administrator Nurse.
Organizations related to other Ministries; Our graduates not only can work in institutions that offer health services, but also they can have an active role in other ministries such as the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and Ministry of Justice.
Organizations of Council of Higher Education; Our graduate can work as a lecturer in the departments of Nursing in universities and other academic units defined by the Council of Higher Education.
Organizations of the Ministry of National Education; Our graduate can serve as a teacher or school health nurse in institutions and organizations related to the Ministry of National Education.