Faculty of Nursing

Program Objectives and Outcomes

The objectives of the program;
  1. We expect that our graduates be competent in giving health care to the individual, family and society, and 80% of them be employed as a nurse in institutions and organizations that offer health services within the first two years after graduation.
  2. As professional members, we expect our graduates to take into account the ethical and legal principles and work in cooperation with other health care teams by using effective communication skills, nursing process, evidence-based knowledge, and new technologies.
  3. Our graduates continue their academic, professional, and personal development by the principle of lifelong learning and participate in scientific events. Also, we expect that 5% of graduates begin their master's degree in the first 3 years after graduation.
Program Outcomes 
1.Have the up-to-date knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to fulfil their professional roles and functions.
2. Reaches scientific nursing field-specific knowledge and uses it in professional practice.
3. Applies nursing care with a holistic approach in line with the nursing process using evidence-based knowledge.
4. Carries out professional practices following ethical principles and legal regulations.
5. Uses care and information technologies while fulfilling their professional roles and functions.
6. Works collaboratively and communicates effectively with the individual, family, community and health care team members.
7. Takes responsibility for scientific research and activities that will contribute to his/her professional development.
8. Uses problem-solving, decision making and critical thinking skills in professional practice.
9. Using at least one foreign language, he/she reaches up-to-date information specific to his/her field and shares it with his/her colleagues.
10. Adopts the principle of lifelong learning in maintaining personal and professional development.