Faculty of Fine Arts

Art education contains the most concrete values ​​of the cultural heritage of a society. The existence of society can only be sustained by the possession of its cultural heritage. The individual who receives art education shapes his future experience by nourishing his traditions. The departments in our faculty have been tasked with giving all the practical and theoretical information necessary for the individuals to feed on their traditions and to produce works at contemporary level.

Art education, both theoretical and practical motivations, must be deducted as a complementary whole. The individual who is equipped theoretically and practically in contemporary art education will play an active role in art's existence process. The task of the artist is not only to produce artworks. The artist acts as a bridge at the point of collecting and delivering artworks produced. This important task is to educate the artists to be undertaken at the point of being raised and to provide all kinds of opportunities with the parts in the aim and aim.

It has been established in 2013 to meet the needs of trained personnel as well as to bring the cultural and artistic values ​​of our country and our city to a higher level. It consists of nine departments: Traditional Turkish Arts, Ceramics, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Painting, Graphics, Photography, Fashion and Textile, Music, Cinema and Television.