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Application for Exchange Program at NEU

You can study at Necmettin Erbakan University as part of the Erasmus+ exchange program. For this, you must first apply for the relevant mobility from your university. When your application is accepted, your university's Erasmus Coordinator will inform us about your arrival.
Click here for the universities that we have agreements with within the scope of Erasmus+.

The fact that your university does not have an agreement with NEU does not mean that you cannot participate in Erasmus+ at NEU. You can secure an agreement between institutions by contacting the Erasmus Office of your university and contacting us at [email protected].
Also, if there is no exchange agreement between institutions, you can study at our university as a guest student by paying a semester fee.

After Getting Qualified for the Exchange Program at NEU

First of all, you should be in contact with your university. Your university will notify you of all required documents. The nomination dates for participating in Erasmus+ education at our university are given below.

Application Dates:
Nomination deadline for the fall semester: July 20
Nomination deadline for the spring semester: December 10

Academic calendar
Please click for Necmettin Erbakan University Academic Calendar.

Before the Mobility

Before the mobility, you must fill in the required documents and send them to us. Once the documents are verified, our university will send you an acceptance letter.

Required documents for application:
  • Application form
  • Learning Agreement
  • Copy of your Passport ID page (Turkish Citizens and Blue Card holders are kindly requested to send a copy of their identity card next to their passport.)
  • Passport-size photo
  • Health insurance
  • Student certificate
Course Pool
Click here to access the English-medium courses of our university's faculties.

European Union citizens do not need any visas. However, after enrolling in Necmettin Erbakan University, they are obligated to obtain a residence permit from the immigration administration. You can find detailed information below.
During Mobility
There are many private dormitories and accommodation opportunities around our university. If you contact the Erasmus Student Community about accommodation, they will help you.

Residence permit
After enrolling in our university, you must apply for a residence permit. Applications are taken online.

Click here for the required documents for the application.

After the residence permit application is completed, students are given a document stating when the applicant should arrive at the Immigration Office to obtain the residence permit card.

Important Note: The application must be made within 30 days of the student's arrival in Turkey. Otherwise, the applicant's student visa will be deemed invalid. If you apply to the Erasmus Office, you will be supported in all your transactions.

Please Note: If you do not apply for the residence permit in time when the student visa expires, you will need to return to your country and apply for a new visa.

Health Insurance
As of the 2014-2015 academic year, guest students coming within the scope of Erasmus+ must be insured compulsorily during their stay in Turkey. You can expand your current insurance to cover Turkey or use them if they have an agreement with their partners in Turkey. If you do not have insurance with an international agreement or if your insurance is not approved by Turkish partners, you must have a General Health Insurance (GSS) within 3 months after enrolling in a university in Turkey. You will need to apply to SSI for this. Our Erasmus office will provide the relevant support.
After Mobility
When you finish your education period at NEU, you must stop by the Erasmus Office and dismiss it.
For the incoming student to be dismissed, he/she must bring the Learning Agreement (the final version), the student ID, and the Dismissal Document approved by any of our University's libraries.
After the delivery of these documents, the incoming student will be given a Certificate of Participation and Transcript by our university.
Grade Conversion Table
Click here to learn about the Necmettin Erbakan University grading system and ECTS equivalents.
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