Faculty of Tourism

About Us


The faculty of Tourism was established in 2012. It provides undergraduate and graduate education with a total of 4 departments: Tourism Management, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Tourism Guidance and Recreation Management. The graduates are the professionals to provide services in various forms like managing, planning, serving, guiding in the hospitality industry at various levels of institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, universities, culinary schools or culinary academies, hotels, restaurants, food factories, airline companies, food and beverage businesses. They get the opportunity to be officially employed as recreationists, gastronomists, planners, managers, or tourist guides in institutions and organizations in the public and private sectors of all kinds of tourism, health, and service industry.

The primary aim of our faculty is to train qualified middle and upper-level manager candidates, professional tourist guides, recreation managers and qualified chefs for the tourism sector by providing a modern, scientific and quality education. In addition, with a broad spectrum of providing professionals within the service industry, the faculty also aims to contribute to the production of knowledge in this field by conducting quality, up-to-date and practical research and academic studies in the field of tourism, to ensure the development of the tourism sector and society by using and applying the information produced in the field of tourism, to create national and international projects for the promotion and economic development of the region as well as of the socio-cultural texture of Konya through the activities and events.

PS: Additional Minor and/or Double Major programs are also offered in the departments of Tourism Management and Tourism Guidance.