Faculty of Theology

Prof. Dr. Fikret Karapınar (Dean)

Borned at 1969 in Devrek/Zonguldak. He went to Germany after graduated from primary school at the Village of Kozlukadı (1980). He graduated from secondary school Hamm/Germany (1984).

He graduated the high school in Devrek İmam Hatip at 1989, after that, he graduated Selçuk University Faculty of Theology at 1994.

The same year, he has assigned to the Research Asistant as the Department of Hadith.

He made some researches at Amman/Jordan in the years of 1995-1997. And made some other researches for 6 months at Germany in the year of 2003.

He graduated master degree with the thesis named “Ebû Bekr Muhammed b. İshâk el-Kelâbâzî (v. 380/990)’nin Miftâhu Maâni’l-Ahbâr Adlı Eserinin İlk 80 Varağının Tahkîki" at 1999, then, he graduated phd degree with the thesis named "Muhaddis Sufilerin Hadis Usulü ve Hadisleri Anlama Yöntemleri (H.IV.-V./M.X.-XI. Asır)" at 2006.

He was assigned as Assistant Professor in March 2 2010.

He became Associate Professor in April 8 2010.

Finally, he became a Professor in June 10 2015. 

He had been the Dean of Faculty of Theology in Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University through 04.10.2017-29.01.2019.

Currently, he is the Dean of our Faculty since 30.01.2019. 

Also, he has been working on Release Board position at Marife Dini Araştırmalar Dergisi.