Ahmet Keleşoğlu İlahiyat Fakültesi

About Us

Our faculty was first started to educate teachers for 4 years with the name of “Yüksek İslam Enstitüsü” as attached to Ministry of Education in 1966. After almost 20 years, in July 20th 1982, our faculty joined the Selçuk University and became one of the Faculty of Theologies. Our faculty is still educating students in the campus that located on Meram Yeni Yol at the centre of Konya city.

Our faculty serves our students as Computer labs, foreign language labs, cafeteria, hall, sport facilities, student clubs etc. Our library just turned to system of ‘Open Shelf’. Therefore, our students enhances their studies and researches better then ever. Along side with all these resources, our faculty serves our students with a speedful, qualified, secured internet connection just to let our students to make their studies and researches as easy as possible.

Our graduated students will have the opportunity to become a teacher of Education of Religion and Ethics. In adition to this, our graduaters can be the teacher of any Islamic studies in the İmam Hatip High School belonged to Ministry of Education. Besides, they can work as different states in Directorate of Religious Affairs. However, the graduaters who want to be teachers at İmam Hatip High Schools must have get a license that called Pedogogical Proficiency which is being also served in our faculty.

Our faculty is joined to Konya University with the 2011/2620 numbered 7.12.2011 dated Boards of Ministers decision that is approved by Prime Minister Abdullah Gül and published the same day as 28155 numbered decision.

After our faculty served education for 3 mounths and 15 days as the name of Konya University, in the date of April 11 2012 Wednesday, with the 28261 numbered official decision that published on Oficial Paper’s 6287 numbered decision’s 20th rule; our faculty changed as Necmettin Erbakan University Faculty of Theology. By this name, our faculty served the education till November 1 2016.

Finally, by the decision numbered 2016/9270 and dated as 26.09.2016 oficial decision, the name of our faculty is changed as Ahmet Keleşoğlu Faculty of Theology at November 1 2016, and it keeps the name currently.