Faculty of Science



Our faculty has adopted the joint work in the University-Industry Cooperation, which remains in the theory plan, as its mission, and has adopted to act with the awareness that Universities should play the leading role in our country's 2023 target, and it has included contributing to the sustainable development of our country with its qualified workforce among its primary objectives.


The vision of our faculty,

To educate students who aim to have a learning and people-oriented education system that can develop the creativity and imagination of the individual, develop himself at the highest level, create original learning technologies, and constantly renew himself;

Not divide but multiply,
To increase the Quality of Education by creating competition,
Concentrate on postgraduate education LU/L 25%
Creating and executing the regional education vision
To provide training and services in new and necessary technological fields
Increasing engagement with stakeholders
Creating new stakeholders
In new and necessary technological fields;
In the departments whose accreditation and structuring are designed correctly;
To provide necessary and up-to-date training,
Continuing Research and Development studies,
Meeting with stakeholders in new projects,
Like contributing to production and directing it correctly;

To be a respected and efficient Faculty, recognized in national and international platforms, competent in providing University-Industry Cooperation and creative activities, contributing to the vision of 2023, fulfilling its responsibilities.