Faculty of Science

About Us

Faculty of Science was established on 14.07.2010. With a total of 4 departments (Biotechnology, Statistics, Mathematics-Computer and Molecular Biology and Genetics) within its structure, health, agriculture, medicine, education, etc. continues its academic life by giving graduates to be employed in the sectors.

The aim of our faculty is to make use of science and technology in the light of the universal values ​​offered by ancient civilizations, to apply contemporary education and training methods and to scan a wide scientific field, to deepen in certain subjects, to update information with the spirit of research, to conduct independent research and to constantly improve their skills, to be self-confident, highly cultured and superior. to produce qualified individuals.

It has adopted the common work remaining in the theory plan in the University-Industry Cooperation as its mission, adopted to act with the awareness that Universities should play the leading role in our country's 2023 target, and to contribute to the sustainable development of our country with a qualified workforce.

It is the primary goal of our faculty.

There are Minor and Major applications in Molecular Biology and Genetics and Biotechnology Departments in our faculty.