Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities



      Our mission is to carry out studies that can solve national and regional problems by producing world-class information with a holistic view to social sciences and an interdisciplinary approach, in the information age where information is rapidly produced, spread and consumed,
      To train the leaders of the future who can think fast, flexible and have strategic foresight required by the global competition conditions,
      To educate students and academicians who have distinguished themselves with their original thoughts and studies and are determined to surpass themselves in science,
     To contribute to the vision of the 2023 Turkey Project by producing the information that our country needs in the field of social sciences.

      Our vision is to work towards solving the problems of our country, especially our city and region, by taking a pioneering, innovative, creative and leading role in the social development process in providing university-industry-city cooperation,
      Adopting a management approach that creates interdisciplinary synergies in parallel with the organizational model of our faculty, has an effective communication and cooperation infrastructure, and does not compromise on universal academic and ethical values,
      To ensure that our faculty is among the distinguished higher education institutions that are preferred by both academic staff and students, honored to be a member of.