Eregli Faculty of Agriculture

Mission and Vision

Within the framework of basic values and principles of our country; To conduct qualified and pioneering academic studies in order to find solutions to the problems of today's agriculture with its academic staff having scientific and analytical thinking abilities,
To educate Agricultural Engineers who are committed to social and ethical values and who can define and analyze problems correctly and produce solutions in this context, and who will guide the agriculture of the future,
To produce permanent solutions by supporting research and training activities for the priority problems and necessities of our country and also our region,
To ensure the continuous development of infrastructure opportunities in order to equip our students with theoretical and applied education in undergraduate and graduate education in accordance with today's technological standards and future conditions,
To undertake a duty of reaching and spreading information for agricultural and economic development at the international, national, and regional levels,
To ensure the establishment and development of the necessary infrastructure for our academic staff to research at an international level,
To be in continuous collaboration with universities-industry and other relevant institutions and organizations in order to conduct Research & Development projects.
The vision of the faculty can be described on several points within the national framework. This is to achieve domestic and national goals; continuously increasing the efficiency of qualified education and research, producing knowledge, and transforming that knowledge into the economic and social benefit. This production of knowledge is sensitive to the environmental issue and protects biological diversity and natural resources. It also coalesces with agriculture and related sectors and the people of the region and leads change and development and finally to being a respected and leading Faculty of Agriculture that cares about competition and international relations.