Ahmet Kelesoglu Faculty of Education

Mission - Vision


•              To train teachers who can provide universal education in the field of education,
•              To contribute to academic studies in the field of education, and to transform universal knowledge in this field into production,
•              To educate graduates who are researchers, have an artistic perspective, can produce functional and original designs, and have professional ethics in the fields of education,
•              To teach with the contemporary methods required by education, and to be in cooperation with the institutions providing education in the field of education at an international level,
•              To contribute to the development of society with qualified workforce and academic knowledge in the fields of education.


To be the institution that:
•              Contributes to the field of education through scientific research,
•              Examines (Scrutinizes)  the problems of education,
•              Develops solution offers, and is a pioneer in determining policies in this aspect,
•              Has a strong corporate culture and identity,
•              Can conduct education and research in international criteria from scientific, artistic and technological perspectives,
•              Exhibits our quality in education and training to both our students and citizens,
•              Trains teachers.