Küresel ve Bölgesel Araştırmalar UAM


The Turkish Centre for Global and Area Studies (TIGA) is a scholarly research centre at Necmettin Erbakan University with the mission of promoting scientific activities in global and area studies.

TIGA supports and brings together academics and international researchers focusing on social, political and economic issues, and promotes research and analyses that have an impact on global issues and increase global awareness. Area studies in social sciences, particularly in the discipline of international relations are very important in terms of understanding and responding to the fast-changing developments in the world. Therefore, TIGA is dedicated to the promotion of area research studies vis-à- vis global developments; and in order to expand its research areas and perspectives, it organizes scientific international events such as conferences, workshops, panels and seminars on thematic subjects. It further provides fellowship and internship programs, publishes reports and thematic books, and carries out lectures for undergraduate and graduate students.