The Rector’s Message

The Rector’s Message
As the members of Necmettin Erbakan University, we have been continuing our education life since 2010 with our student-centered education approach.
We have half a century old faculties, highly experienced academic staff, and therefore a long-standing tradition and culture. We are an innovative and dynamic state university with a high brand value. That's why we are young, dynamic, full of energy: we are the future.
We will be very happy to be with you, our precious young people, and to walk into the future together.
We are at the heart of Anatolia: Konya, the capital of tolerance. We are waiting for you as the members of a university integrated with the world and intertwined with the sector.
Konya: the capital of the Anatolian Seljuk State, the cradle of culture and civilization, the city where art, history and science are made from the same mold.
Konya: the city of Mevlana and many other sultans of heart. The city of knowledge and wisdom, tolerance, humility, compassion and mercy.
Why Konya?
Because Konya is one of the fastest developing cities in Turkey, integrated with the tolerance of Mevlana, and it is reliable and peaceful.
It is one of the most important student cities of our country with its economy, social life, transportation and opportunities. You know that you can easily reach Konya, which is located in the center of Turkey, both from every city in our country and from abroad. It is one of the first choices of not only students but also parents. We are sure that you will feel at home in Konya, because a considerable part of those who come to Konya for university education stay in Konya. It is a city that invites you to peace with its long-standing traditions, historical traces and unique beauties.
We are waiting for you not only to study but also to experience Konya.