Prof. Dr. Oğuz Doğan

He was born in Nevşehir in 1971. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education in Nevşehir. He graduated from Erzurum Atatürk University, Kazım Karabekir Faculty of Education, Department of Physics Education in 1992. In the same year, he was appointed to Gülşehir High School as a Physics Teacher.
He completed his master's degree in Atomic and Molecular Physics at Atatürk University in 1995 and his doctorate in 2000. He received the title of Associate Professor in 2002 and Professor in 2007. He did research as a visiting professor at Bilkent University in 1995 and at Montana State University in the United States of America in 2011. He published many articles in the fields of atomic molecule physics, superconductor physics, physics education and philosophy.
Doğan, who was appointed as the Vice Rector of Necmettin Erbakan University in 2019, is married and has three children.