Eregli Forensic Vocational School

About US

Ereğli Vocational School of Justice was established on 19.03.2014.
The aim of our Vocational School is to train qualified intermediate manpower needed by public institutions, especially the Ministry of Justice and the private sector.
In line with this purpose, our main goals are to include individuals who have basic legal knowledge, adopt the rule of law as a principle, have a good command of laws and regulations, and develop themselves.
In our college, which is a vocational higher education institution, various courses are still given at the Associate Degree level in three programs in the Public Law, Private Law and Professional Information groups.
There are 2 permanent lecturers and 2 lecturers in our Vocational School. Persons assigned from other units of our University, members of the Ministry of Justice and other institutions and organizations can also give lectures in the areas needed.
Students who have the right to register for the relevant academic year as a result of the central higher education entrance exams conducted by ÖSYM can enroll in our Vocational School. Our Vocational School is a two-year higher education institution. Our graduates are awarded the associate degree diploma specified in the clause (1) of the 24th article of the Necmettin Erbakan University Associate Degree and Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations.
In accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation, our graduates also have the opportunity to complete their undergraduate education by vertically transferring to various undergraduate programs suitable for the program they graduated from.
Graduates of our Vocational School can be employed by the public and private sectors in the legal services sector as editor-in-chief, executive director, clerk (clerk of minutes, clerk of lawyers, clerk of notary public, bailiff), legal secretary and execution protection officer.