Necmettin Erbakan University Turkish Music State Conservatory, BC. Things that need to be cultivated comprehensively, from the class of 7000, whose history in the US has had to be reckoned with. is located in the province.

The conservatory, which comes from the beginning, goal and execution process of Turkish philosophy and corpus, is concerned with the research and examination of the music and characteristics of our region, which can be owned without the deep historical culture of our city, to train people from the field of Turkish music and artisans who can be owned, with the activities to be carried out. and art is represented in the best way on a national and international scale, can evaluate Turkish musical culture and universal cultures, and can evaluate art-oriented and reading styles.
It is one of the most respected professional music education institutions in our country and in the world, with the arts and scientists it will train at national and international standards, and with events and publications that will contribute to science and the arts, observing contemporary education principles, providing quality education and training with a sense of social responsibility. The vision of our Conservatory is to be a conservatory that is recognized and accepted at national and international level, has gained academic, physical and administrative qualifications, and can develop and strengthen Turkish music.

In addition, our Conservatory is committed to transferring the vast history of our State and the experience and achievements of our ancestors with the high level of art they have reached to all layers of society, as in history, and to embellish religious and social life in every mahfil, from houses to mosques, and to use music as an element that is lived, not consumed. It has also adopted the vision of disseminating it throughout the country with a prioritized understanding and awareness of art.