Press and Public Relations Counsel


Our unit within the General Secretariat; It is responsible for ensuring the execution of press and public relations services in accordance with Article 27 of the Decree Law on the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education Institutions of the Council of Ministers. Our duties in general are listed below:
  • To carry out studies that best reflect the vision of our university in the local, national and international arena,
  • Developing and diversifying projects that will enable our university to reveal its corporate identity by achieving its goals,
  • To inform the relevant units by following the news, articles and programs in the media about the issues related to our university and within its field of duty, to prepare periodic bulletins, to compile and archive them regularly,
  • To prepare press releases, bulletins and announcements in order to inform the public about the activities of our Rectorate and our University, organize press conferences to be held and prepare documents to be distributed to press members,
  • Conducting and archiving photographs and video recordings related to the activities of our university,
  • To ensure the correct and healthy flow of information between our University and the media by meeting the verbal and written information requests of the press members, to ensure the coordination of the press members with the Rectorate and other officials,
  • By constantly communicating with the university units; academic staff, administrative staff and students